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At beyond, we not only care about making high-quality snacks, but we care about the well-being and prosperity of everyone who helps make those snacks and the communities in which they live.

We believe that inclusive business is good business and we are accountable to everyone who works to bring you these delicious cashews. 

We are also serious about partnership through farmer training and education, employee development, and community projects.


 7,000 farmer network

We work with farmer's cooperatives over multiple seasons to help them get Fair Trade and Organic Certified. Once they do, these premium cashew growers get a higher price for their cashews.  As partners in beyond, the farmers share in the success of beyond through profit distributions and community development projects in their villages.

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650 Employees

Our workers are our greatest asset, and we strive for each one to find prosperity and opportunity working for us.  Everyone receives food safety training, production training,  and the opportunity to participate in professional and personal development programs.


Projects for Progress

Projects for Progress is dedicated to the empowerment of women and children, clean water projects, and small business development.  Because we believe in their mission,  we donate 10% of profits to their various projects.  For more info on the awesome projects they are doing, check them out at

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