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fuel your beyond

We fuel our beyond with everything cashew! Watch below to see how we all - our farmers, our employees, our owners, our partners - go beyond.

We love when people live their beyond!  

Show us your beyond at #mybeyond and we’ll feature you here.

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Look at your bag of beyond cashews.  Do you know where they came from?  We do!  We know the farmers that grew your cashews.  We know the  truck drivers that delivered your cashews.  We know the people that processed your cashews.  We know the people that roasted your cashews and we know the people that packaged your cashews.

Simply put…..we are dedicated to transparency.

If you don’t believe us, put us to the test.  Contact us with the lot code on the bottom of your bag and we will send you back pictures and stories of the people responsible for the cashews you are holding in your hand.

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